the guy who was allergic to cats was really abusive so that was clearly a warning sign



I remembered years ago a guy I dated told me he was allergic to cats and it just went downhill from there

Same happened to me with both of my exes not liking cheese.

what how no

I always listen to a haim song on a 8tracks playlist… and I didn’t know it was a remix… and I just heard the original and it’s so :/ in comparison oh

my hands have been so clammy for the last like hour which only usually happens when I’m nervous but I have no reason to be nervous? it’s a little gross tbh


Really?  Really though?  

I remembered years ago a guy I dated told me he was allergic to cats and it just went downhill from there

I saw so many dahlias (?) today I think I’m in love 😍🌸

I saw so many dahlias (?) today I think I’m in love 😍🌸



Aside from the rumors CLEARLY identified at the bottom, everything mentioned here has been confirmed with sources embedded or found somewhere within our thread.  The list was compiled with the help of over 1500 replies from dozens of forum members.

Graham Nardone (Sims 4 Producer): But the conversation then changes into discussing what is or isn’t there and the minutiae of differences in each feature along some scale because the easiest way to try and understand something new is to compare and contrast it to what came before.

Every series from Mario to Grand Theft Auto typically will cut a feature or two from one installment to the other. That said, I don’t believe we, as in most of the people you want to sell this game to, consider these a ”minutiae” of differences…

MAJOR MISSING FEATURES: (All were in base versions of Sims 3)

  • No create a style (CAST) - NOT possible in future expansions (source)
  • No family trees (source)
  • No Mac version of the game at release (or announced) (source)
  • No modifications to world/public spaces - The park in the demo is a mix of a community lot and public space (source 1) (source 2) 
  • No “normal” careers - Law enforcementMedicalBusiness, etc. were removed (source)
  • No open world - You must incur a loading screen between each active lot; each neighborhood has 1-5 lots total (source 1) (source 2) 
  • No pools (source) 
  • No terrain tools other than paint; everything is perfectly flat (source) 
  • No story progression - Sims in the neighborhood age, but do not have children, get jobs, move, get married…etc. without player intervention (source) 
  • No toddlers - Nor were they combined with “enhanced” babies (source 1) (source 2)
  • No way to create/place new lots - And you only have 2 empty ones at the start of the game!

MAJOR CUT BACK FEATURES:(All were in base versions of Sims 3)

  • All buildings on a lot must have the same foundation. No mixing for sheds, garages, etc. (source)
  • Babies are mere objects - All interactions are through basinet. There are no baby objects. Babies can only be lifted directly above basinet. (source) 
  • Backgrounds are illusions - The buildings in the background are not playable in the game. (source) 
  • Completely FLAT lots - The entire build-able world is completely flat
  • Fewer floors/levels, limited to three (source 1) (source 2) 
  • SIGNIFICANTLY smaller “worlds” of <25 lots compared to 125+ lots in TS3
  • Smaller lots - Lots are limited to 50x50 instead of 64x64. (source) 
  • Loading screens for individual lots (source) 
  • The map is a one-dimensional picture (source)
  • Teens are same height as adults and they, along with elders, all look nearly identical(source)

OTHER MISSING GAMEPLAY ELEMENTS:(All were in base versions of Sims 1, Sims 2, or Sims 3)

MISSING OBJECTS:(All were in base versions of Sims 1, Sims 2, or Sims 3)


  • 32-bit executable - TS4 is not 64-bit, and cannot access more than 4GB of RAM. If you have more than 4GB then you are crippled.
  • Fewer traits in CAS (more traits must be unlocked/earned in-game)
  • Incompatible Simpoint currency - Sims 3 Store Simpoints do not work with TS4


  • No babysitters (as NPC for hire) (source) 
  • No burglar
  • No cashiers
  • No Create a World 
  • No exterminator
  • No swings
  • Premium Membership is REQUIRED to get certain sets on release day or at all 
  • No inheritance
  • No interests
  • No magazines
  • No pinball machines
  • No way to water flower beds/bushes

what the FUCK


Britain: a summary


u know how sometimes if u eat too much of a certain food you get sick of it

like my mom used to make spaghetti several times a week for YEARS bc it was quick and easy so now im kinda “meh” about spaghetti

you know that feeling??

that’s how i feel about white cis male protagonists